(Note: this game should be played in full screen, the size it was uploaded in is not accurate)

Treasure Breaker is like brick breaker with a twist: your goal is not to break all of the bricks but it is to find the treasure brick, hidden among the other bricks, within the time limit and without losing all of your lives.

The explosion of a broken brick will guide you towards the treasure brick:

- Pure dirt: the treasure is very far from this brick.

- Dirt and gold: the treasure is near to this brick.

- Dirt, gold, gems, and pearls: the treasure is very close to this brick.

How to play:

- Move the paddle with the left and right arrow keys.

- When the ball is stuck to the paddle, press one of the following three keys to launch it: A - launch it towards the top left, D - launch it towards the top right, W - launch it straight up.

- You have a limited number of magnets to help you if the ball goes out of control, you're about to lose a life, or you are getting closer to the treasure. A magnet re-positions the ball on the magnet so that you may re-launch it like in the beginning of the game. Press Space to use a magnet (you have a limit of 5 in a round).


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