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(Feb. 16 2020)

NOTE: We changed the name from Pirate Plug to Stay Afloat. We thought that made a much better name that could not have other unintended meanings.

Thanks to your feedback, we determined and solved the issue regarding the P1 movement keyboard input - P1 should now be more useful than a brick when using the keyboard.

As well, we made the following improvements:

  • We implemented the UI, including a Main Menu and Pause Menu (see controls below for pausing). We just need to add in the art and animations for them so that they don't look too ugly.
  • We combined the "carry item" and "perform action" functions into one button. Dropping items remains the same as before. The controls should be at least slightly better now! See the description below for the updated controls.
  • We replaced the placeholder rectangles with their actual art and assets. Now the work bench, planks, and background waves look as they should!
  • Various other bug fixes.

Please try it out and let us know what you think of our first update!


This is our entry for the Global Game Jam of 2020, with the theme: "REPAIRING".

In this 2-player coop game, two pirates must keep their sinking ship afloat for a duration of time, while leaks constantly keep appearing at the base.

One player must build planks and use them to plug the holes. The other must take out the water that fills the ship using a bucket. The less water that there is in the ship, the faster you may be able to win!


Xbox (the preferred way to play):

  • Analog stick - movement
  • A - Jump
  • Down + A - descend from platforms
  • B - action, which includes:
  • Carrying items (i.e. bucket and plank)
  • Filling up water when carrying the bucket in water (press and hold)
  • Dumping water out near the left/right sides of the top deck of the ship when carrying bucket
  • Building a plank near the workstation on the top deck (press and hold)
  • Plugging in leak when carrying a plank
  • X - drop item
  • Start - pause/resume


Player 1:

  • WASD - movement (without the W)
  • Space - Jump
  • S + Space - descend from platforms
  • Left Shift - action/carry item (see above in xbox controls for more info)
  • F - drop item (see above in xbox controls for more info)
  • P - pause/resume

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys - movement (without the up arrow)
  • Keypad 0 - Jump
  • down + Keypad 0 - descend from platforms
  • Right Shift - action/carry item (see above in xbox controls for more info)
  • Right Ctrl - drop item (see above in xbox controls for more info)
  • P - pause/resume

Win conditions:

  • When the ship on the meter at the top reaches the treasure chest

Lose conditions:

  • If either player jumps overboard
  • If the ship is fully submerged in water

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip folder.
  2. Unzip it somewhere on your computer.
  3. Launch the "Stay Afloat" executable. 

NOTE: the UnityCrashHandler64.exe and UnityPlayer.dll files have to be kept in the same directory as the game executable in order for the game to launch, as well as the "Stay Afloat_Data" and "MonoBleedingEdge" folders.


Stay_Afloat_2020_1.zip 19 MB


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Hope you play and enjoy the game, and please let us know how we can improve it.