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The classic snake/worm game where you attempt to eat as many apples as possible along a grid field, growing in size each time and being cautious not to die by bumping into the wall or your own body.

Along with the original Classic mode, there are four other game modes:

- Speed Addict: not only do you grow in size, but also your speed increases with each apple consumed. Survive as long as you can as you move faster and faster!

- Teleporter: remaining a constant size, you don't grow in size when eating apples. Instead, you get teleported to a new location on the map. Better have quick reflexes!

- Race Against Time: a third obstacle is introduced, which is time. Run out of time, and you lose! Stay alive by eating apples that, in addition to increasing your size, adds a few seconds to your time. Better be punctual in eating those apples!

- Mirror: same as the Classic mode except...your controls are reversed! Down goes up, right goes left, and vice versa for each. Try not to get too confused!

Made withSFML
Tags2D, apple, Arcade, keyboard, mirror, SFML, snake, worm
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download the ZIP folder to a desired destination, then run the program "Snake Game.exe" Note: please keep all of the files within the folder.


Snake.zip 6 MB

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