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A downloadable Base Defense Game for Windows

A defend-your-base style game where you play as Goku, the protagonist from DBZ. Using Goku's energy powers, Kamehameha waves, transformations, as well as occasionally occurring epic (and sometimes, not so epic) power-ups, defend your base from being destroyed by hordes of enemies through 25 challenging rounds. Fail to defend your base, and it's game over!

Through each round, you collect cash that you can use in the shop to purchase new abilities, upgrades, base fortifications, train stat points, and Super Saiyan forms to prepare you from the next round.

Then use these abilities to eliminate the brawling, shooting, and flying enemies of various types will all attempt to demolish your base! Are you up for the challenge?

Install instructions

Note: When running the program, it may ask you to install a feature called "Direct Play." Please install that feature if it requests it.


Badass Defense Game DragonBallZ Edition U-2 by Ahmad El-Baher.exe (21 MB)

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